Industrial 3-D-Printing

Industrial 3-D Printing

Great Potential for 3-D printing through Industrial Robots

In the industrial environment, conventional 3-D printing quickly reaches its limits – versatile industrial robots with special print heads are therefore increasingly being used, opening up new economic potential in the manufacturing industry: The application possibilities and efficiency are enormous, as the combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing can create a fully automated, hybrid manufacturing system. Years of experience in robotics, in-depth expert knowledge in the use of industrial robots and a comprehensive range of services in automation – this makes invenio your reliable partner for exceptional results in the use of industrial 3-D printing processes.

Conventional 3-D printers build up the desired objects layer by layer in 3-axis systems. This involves the use of extensive support structures that have to be removed again after completion of the component, which is very time-consuming and therefore also cost-intensive. Modern industrial robots, on the other hand, offer considerably more advantages here: With up to eight axes of the robot arm, spatial free-form structures are possible that require only a few or no support structures at all. In addition, due to the reach and the large working space, large-volume free-form parts such as prototype tools or hybrid components are possible.

This video was created in collaboration with Autodesk for the 'Autodesk Accelerate 2021' event.

Large-Format Objects – Stable, Light and Manufactured Automatically

You need a component that is stable, light and above all large? Thanks to the enormous range of robotic units, even metre-sized and at the same time highly complex components can be produced in one piece in a cost-efficient and uncomplicated manner – and with the proven precision and speed of invenio. With the parts printed on site and exactly as required, there is also no need for long supply chains and logistical effort. We support you with versatile options in the production of individual components from a wide range of materials.

Your Advantages with invenio
  • Additive manufacturing and industrial 3-D printing

  • Resource-saving manufacturing

  • Significant material savings in the production of exhibit and illustrative models

  • More cost-effective and time-efficient manufacturing

  • Complete solutions (robotic milling and 3-D printing) with only one robot (system)

More Power – Combination of Robotic Milling and 3-D Printing

Combining the technology of milling and 3-D printing in just one single robot system enables manufacturing in unlimited size, surface quality and precision in combination with maximum axis freedoms. At invenio, both processes can be used alternately. For example, a negative model can be produced using 3-D printing, merged with the blank previously milled from Exporit, and the entire model can then be reworked in detail using robotic milling technology. Such constructions can be vehicles, drive screws, sanitary objects or even stage and scenery models.

You can obtain the individual model from invenio  including all data preparation  or the complete robot system for your own production. We look forward hearing from you.

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