Robot Milling

High-Precision and Flexible Production Thanks to Robot Milling Technology

Robot-assisted automation, CAD/CAM systems and CNC-controlled manufacturing are shaping the image of modern and cost-efficient production lines. This increasing use of robotics in industry enables much greater flexibility and more efficient possibilities in the development of automation solutions. However, at the same time, new challenges arise in terms of complexity, both in the development phase and in the commissioning of these systems. These challenges belong to our area of expertise: invenio is your partner in the field of robotics  whether products of smart milling robots, plant automation or the implementation of industrial robots, with us you get everything from a single source.

High-precision robot milling is one of our core competences. One of the main focuses of our milling services is the automotive industry. Typical areas of application are the production of individual pieces, test samples, prototypes and small series.

Automotive: Milling for Interior and Exterior

Technical vehicle components are often very complex – their detailed representation requires innovative solutions: our modern milling robots with six to eight axes enable a particularly high degree of digitalisation in the work process. Based on your CAD data, our robot cells mill test beams that originate from bumpers. Particularly in the case of interior and exterior components, openings and breakthroughs are often necessary that either cannot be produced with other processes – or for which an injection mould is not worthwhile due to the quantity, as is the case with special series or sports models. Whether on one level or in all positions and contours – up to eight axes of the robot convince with individualisation possibilities entirely according to your requirements.

Model Making: Milling from the Polystyrene Block

We process numerous lightweight materials, such as polystyrene blocks and other technical moulded parts made of 'expanded polystyrene' (EPS), plastic, foam or wood. Thanks to its low density, elasticity and durability, EPS is a popular material in many industries. We use it to create test and show models for you, as well as components for assemblies from various industries as part of contract manufacturing. Our robot cells mill 3-D geometries with very demanding free-form surfaces from the block material with high detail accuracy. The fine-pored, millable polystyrene foam makes it possible to achieve an extremely attractive surface quality. Since the robot codes are generated in advance in CAM software, all we need from you are the finished CAD models – so you save not only time but also costs, regardless of whether you are a model maker, steel caster or scenery designer in a theatre: we produce everything – from seat and vehicle models to exporit and display models and even entire scenery for decorations.

With our experienced invenio experts and years of know-how, we stand for full service in the field of robotics. Versatile and flexible –from consulting to the concrete technical solution proposal, we are your reliable partner. Let invenio manufacture your components and models: Our automation solutions promise shorter development times, lower costs and are characterised by high quality.

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