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We develop cognitive solutions for problems where classical intelligence is not sufficient. To this end, we make use of our computing technologies, which we are constantly expanding in the context of our research on cognitive cybernetics with renowned universities, research institutes and development partners. Especially for the development of autonomous, predictive and decision systems in the business critical area we use a specially developed agile methodology as a process model. We take full responsibility for our actions by being measured by the added value of the development.

We Use Our Expertise to Help You Answer Your Questions in all Industries

We support you within the framework of our 'Digital Transformation as a Service' approach. With cognitive technology in the form of methods and techniques, we ensure that your company takes a value-added and goal-oriented approach to the transformation towards digitisation and cognitivisation.

Our approaches are based on the concept of developing technology for people. In the field of health and welfare, we support numerous projects, for example the digitisation of care or the support of artificial intelligence in the palliative care sector. We also take responsibility for the implications of the respective technologies.

Autonomous driving will not be possible without the use of artificial intelligence. Our developments in the field of predictive and autonomous systems pursue the goal of making morally adequate decisions and thus making the use of such vehicles in road traffic possible in the first place.

Our approaches in the field of predictive situation recognition and environmental protection systems ensure that citizens will continue to feel comfortable and safe in their city in the future. The close connection to intelligent mobility concepts creates sustainable and adaptive solutions.

We implement autonomous, predictive and decision systems for your individual application, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. Due to our proximity to research, we draw on current results from cognitive science and computer science.

We analyse your initial situation, advise you on potential with regard to business models, future markets, processes in the company, corporate culture and structure, and work with you to develop tailor-made success strategies for your digital transformation. To ensure that the transformation in your company is successful, we will of course support you at every step – up to and including the practical implementation phase.

Through cognition-oriented didactics, personalised learning concepts and up-to-date content, we implement training and further education concepts. Accompanied by a system of key figures, training and further education is carried out with practice-oriented content, packaged in didactic formats. The employees are supported in their development process by accompanying coaching.

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