We Provide Training and Further Education through Cognition-Oriented Didactics and Personalised Learning Concepts

In the context of the digital transformation of your company, your employees and the development of their competencies are a major focus. However, many companies cannot find suitable professional development courses on the market. Therefore, we offer tailor-made concepts for (further) development on the topic of digitisation. In addition to generic topics such as digital technologies, changes in corporate culture or business models, we place a strong emphasis on the communication of necessary core competencies, which differ in accordance with the industry and company. The employees are supported in their development process by accompanying coaching.

The Added Value for Your Company

Development of Specific Curricula

Individually tailored training courses on all aspects of digitisation.

Qualification in Specialist Topics

We lay the foundation for acceptance, orientation and exploitation of the advantages of digitisation.

Support in the Practical Phase

We help to ensure that the methods and approaches learned are adopted in your daily work routines.

Responsibility is also assumed by the 'multipliers' who are specially qualified for this purpose, i.e. employees with technical enthusiasm and a 'lighthouse character'. In everyday life, they serve as the point of contact for any questions and problems, and support change management within the company. In order to do justice to this special role, guided supervision meetings take place at regular intervals during which the multipliers can exchange and reflect on their experiences and link them to what they have previously learned.

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