EVENTS and Participant Management

We Take over Conception, Planning, Organization and Realization of Your Event

We make your brand and messages tangible and create sustainable, tailor-made, effective and emotive experiences. How?

iCS conceives and organises your live communications, events and corporate events in a personal, authentic and competent way. iCS convinces with professional event service, project management, creative concepts and productions, and a reliable network of the best minds in their field – with continuous cost transparency.

As a full-service partner, we take care of the design, planning, organisation and implementation of your event, whether it is a staff event, summer party, large-scale event or dialogue-oriented event weeks – either real or virtual.

Our Services at a Glance


  • Briefing

  • Research

  • Concept

  • Budget and Monitoring

  • Organisation

  • Implementation

  • Location Check and Research


  • Tender Management and Control of the Trades

  • Timetable and Resource Planning

  • Event Documentation and Evaluation

  • Consulting and Project Management

  • Budget and Monitoring


  • Tendering and control of the trades

  • Location Check and Research

  • Timetable and Resource Planning

  • Consulting and Project Management



  • Development of new Communication Strategies

  • Conception and Needs Analysis

  • Development of Goals and Ideas

  • Derivation of the Follow-up Strategies


  •  Web-based online tool for registration

  • Invitation management

  • Registration of participants

  • Travel planning

  • Hotel management

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