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Your Competitive Advantage through Our Many Years of Calculation Expertise

We offer a diverse approach when it comes to technical computation. Computation services have been part of invenio's core business for more than 30 years. We use our expertise in finite element method (FEM) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis as a numerical simulation tool to better predict, evaluate and optimise the structural behaviour of components with regard to their mechanical, thermal and/or flow properties.


FEM is an established method for strength and deformation analysis of solids.
The main tasks of structural analysis are computations, simulations and optimisation of components and complex assemblies to determine physical properties.


Today, CFD flow analysis is also an efficient tool for the investigation of highly complex industrial systems.
As computing capacities increase every year, complex systems such as duct flows, heat exchangers, fans and blowers can be simulated quickly and accurately using CFD.

Flow simulation can replace time and cost-intensive experiments and tests. An additional advantage: Simulated scenarios are basically unlimited.

Our Tasks – from Simple to Complex – Cover the Most Diverse Areas

  • Linear, non-linear as well as static and dynamic structural computations

  • Inspection of designs during development

  • Fatigue and service-life analyses

  • Shock and vibration analyses

  • Simulations in the field of e-mobility, e-motors and the environment

  • Damage analyses to detect root causes

  • Dynamic collision analysis in the automotive, railway and medical device sector

  • Consideration of inertia, damping and vibration behaviour

  • Determination of technical safety and the degree of utilisation

  • Transport, earthquake, explosion, overpressure and vacuum evaluations

  • Buckling and stability analyses

In many years of cooperation with various OEMs and suppliers, a large number of projects have been successfully implemented to meet country-specific legal, consumer protection and customer-specific requirements.

Rail vehicle technology is one of the core competencies of our company. For more than 25 years we have been calculating rail vehicles as well as their bogies and equipment according to the internationally applicable standards and regulations.

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