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Transform your Business Model through Digital Value Creation

You have recognised the potential of digitalisation, but do not yet know how to make the best use of your data to maximise value creation externally and internally? Is your transformation process also dragging on too long? Then now is exactly the time to act: Increase your learning speed with linked and efficiently used data – the digital drive secures your lead over the competition.

invenio Digital Systems is your partner for digital value creation. We are the experts who shape your business models for the future with the help of digital systems such as intelligent software applications, digital services and integrated data analytics.

Innovation and adaptability are key success factors for companies in the digital age. For this, existing problems must be identified, the right data verified and a processing chain with corresponding analytics implemented. In doing so, the context and multi-perspectivity of our world today must not be lost sight of, but the entire ecosystem must always be considered.

Through our individual, intelligent solutions, we establish the right methods and tools – which generate digital value creation and represent a tangible and sustainable competitive advantage for our customers.




With increasingly growing data volumes, more and more challenges arise when processing, linking and analysing data. As a competent partner at eye level, invenio designs, develops and operates modular (cloud) platforms with the corresponding applications and interfaces for you. Highly secure and permanently available components, taking into account the requirements for performance, virtualisation, security and storage, form the foundation for the solutions you require.

By examining the data of your products, enriching it with our broad domain knowledge and connecting it with further data sources, we learn to understand the interrelationships and can generate new insights from them with effective mathematical algorithms. The intelligent software solutions are finally educated to interpret this data and applied to your business processes in order to optimise them sustainably.


With our know-how in building efficient and targeted data and analysis platforms, we have successfully developed customised solutions in various use cases. Our expertise is based on many years of experience with digital systems. Understanding and taking into account the domain-specific requirements and the resulting knowledge of the necessary software or IT solution form the basis of our value proposition.

The success of our customers is our benchmark – with the perfect balance of time, cost and process understanding.

Collecting and Enriching Data

Data is the raw material of any digital value creation. We support our customers in understanding their diverse and mostly separately generated 'raw material data treasures', raising them to the highest possible quality level, then enriching them for optimal data analysis and subsequently making them available again in the network.

Improving Business Processes through Data Analysis

The work of a professional expert begins with analysing the data collection and transforming it into mathematical formulas. This is the high art of analytics and requires craftsmanship, experience and software mathematical understanding at the same time. Based on new technology trends such as artificial intelligence, models are analysed using complex algorithms and further developed through continuous learning.

Use of Modern Cloud Technologies

Whether on-premise at the customer's facility, off-premise with a global provider or as a hybrid solution: 
IT services need a cloud infrastructure in order to keep their promise of availability, scalability and cost. We develop suitable solutions for every customer need – without favouring any particular provider – and implement them in a way that adds value.

Building a Platform Foundation

Here, all required functions are made available in a highly modular and scalable way. Framework functions such as multi-client capability, security and data protection as well as numerous basic functions require a robust architecture at the beginning, but can then be managed at minimal cost. On the basis of this framework, function modules are developed with which new services can also be supported quickly and flexibly.

Further Developing the Customer's IT Landscape

Established IT systems of the client-server era and new, digital IT solutions must be able to be in harmony with each other for the foreseeable future. Developing the existing IT landscape step by step without compromising the quality and availability of the established functionality requires special experience and expertise in implementation, which we bring to our customers.

Customised Software-as-a-Service Services

Our broadly diversified software services range from IT solutions for operations to packaged and standardised individual services – geared to the individual needs of the customers. For this, we bring the necessary competence based on our development experience, continuous implementation as well as the assumption of responsibility.

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