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When tackling big projects, like building a house, many different things have to be considered at the same time. Who can do what, when and how and what criteria must be respected in advance? To install forgotten elements later on usually results in significant added expenses – that is why the positions of your doors and windows are planned prior to building the house itself. The field of product and system development is quite similar to building a house. It is an important part of the engineering efforts to identify and control the required processes, components, requirements or potential pitfalls. Make use of Requirements Engineering (RE) and Requirements Management (RM) to keep an eye on your requirements as well as hazard potentials in a structured manner from the very beginning. Continuously. Sustainably. This approach turns your product risk into an absolutely calculable project success!!

We provide support (also at your business location) regarding the implementation of a functional requirements engineering program that is individually customized to your business and includes a detailing of the cost situation based on actual efforts. To this end, we can offer a wide network of specialists: you can access the know-how that is required for the specific task at hand at a ꞌjust-in-timeꞌ basis. Experts engaged by us confirm and improve their respective iSE certificate® level every two years through continuous verifications of performance and further training. We would gladly like to explain our qualification model in detail as part of a personal conversation.

Get more information on Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management on our 'Systems Engineering' Microsite: 

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Our services at a glance:

  • Methodology for reducing project runtimes and costs, applicable across all sectors and industries
  • Requirements analysis, management and implementation of identified measures and actions – if need be, also on site, in the short- or long-term
  • Expense-oriented cost situation due to synergetic cooperation of requirements specialists and a nationwide pool of experts as well as our competence center
  • Structuring based on the proven V-model and usage of RM tools, such as DOORS NG, Polarion and PTC Integrity
  • Additional training and workshops regarding the requirements management and engineering methods in accordance with CPRE standards (Certified Professional for Requirement Engineering), incl. TÜV certification

Contact us, so we can determine your personal uses for our services as well as your resulting benefits!

Our certifications and workshops – also available for your own personnel:

Not every RM user requires the same depth of information. We can offer a range of qualification measures for users, requirements professionals as well as administrators adapted to your own company environment. Our iSE workshops are suitable for decision makers, managers or project members that would like to be introduced to the field of requirements management. In accordance with CPRE standards and incl. an according TÜV certification, we can offer the following certification levels based on the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) curricula:

CPRE-Foundation Level

CPRE-Foundation Level

What aspects must be considered when selecting a suitable sampling/survey technique? What are use case diagrams used for? The first certification stage focuses on conveying a basic knowledge of the following subfields:

  • Analysis,
  • Specification,
  • Documentation and
  • Management of Tasks.

The methodological training in accordance with the CPRE-Foundation Level is the core element of this measure.
To convey the knowledge in question, we combine flexible learning elements, such as web-based training with actual on-site courses (attendance periods). We thereby ensure a high degree of quality in our training while keeping the expenditure of time at a manageable level. Our E-Learning packages prepare your for the attendance periods as well as the subsequent test.

CPRE-Advanced Level

CPRE-Advanced Level

A number of different modules have to be completed in order to attain the second level of training. The participants deal with the individual sub-disciplines of requirements engineering in these segments:

  • Elicitation and Consolidation
  • Requirements Modeling
  • Requirements Management

The test for this certificate level consists of two parts: a written multiple choice test as well as a homework assignment. This assignment must be handed in no later than one year after the written test. You must prove, based on a realistic project situation encountered in your daily lien of work that you can successfully apply the acquired RE knowledge.

CPRE-Expert Level

CPRE-Expert Level

Those who want to reach the highest certification level, must not only be a theoretical and practical expert of RE methodology and tools, but must also provide concepts and approaches for further development. Please contact us for more information on this level.