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Be it computer aided engineering (CAE) or digital mock-up (DMU), invenio is the leading provider for digital product development and offers comprehensive and competent support to your company. With the latest tools and our own software technologies, our experts can quickly and significantly calculate results regarding geometrics and the function. We identify problems early on digital prototypes and thereby guarantee top quality during the whole development process.

Our CAE services:

  • FEM structural analyses
  • FEM crash calculations
  • CFD analyses
  • Optimisation for components, topology, weight and alternative materials
  • Simulation of dynamic and cinematic systems

We the following examples of our work show, the CAE projects are diverse and span different sectors. For a customer from plant engineering we have designed the oil cooling of generations using CFD analyses. The construction of a rail vehicle was safeguarded regarding rigidity and stability. For one automobile manufacturer we were able to optimise the protection of passengers and pedestrians.

Expertise Computation and Simulation

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Our DMU services:

  • Structure and maintenance of virtual products in PDM
  • Virtual geometric safeguarding
    (collisions and distance violations)
  • Securing of packages/installation space
  • Digital constructability and digital production
  • Digital service
    (after sales, maintenance-friendly construction)
  • Creation of graphics for the spare parts catalogue, accessories, handbooks etc.

Find out more about our services in digital mock-up:

For leading automobile manufacturers we ensure the geometric consistency of complete vehicle ranges. We reduce large data volumes and calculate static/dynamic casings. In line with the development we also perform the digital service and thereby help to reduce the guarantee and service costs. For marketing and sales we make the digital vehicle available and create pictures in top quality.

Flyer Virtual Technologies

If you want to find out more about our projects or if you have questions about our performance, please contact us...