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We develop mechanical, electronic and mechatronic systems as well as complete products on your behalf – from idea to series production

This means that we develop your projects in-house, thereby preventing any interface losses. Of course, we also consider the typical requirements of production measures for small- and large-scale production series. Irrespective of whether we are dealing with sub-systems or complete products, we base our technical solutions on our extensive knowledge and proven methodologies. Knowledge on the order at hand is acquired in a customer-specific manner by means of briefings, targeted meetings or your own product specifications. In this manner, we can gain an understanding of both you and your ideas, which helps us identify with your own goals as well as your target audience.

We can provide a number of different concepts for you to select within a short period of time thanks to our vast experience from prior development projects for various sectors as well as through use of different creative techniques, such as the 6-3-5-method, brainstorming or brainwriting. Based on these initial sketches, calculations and descriptions, we develop justifiable recommendations for action that our clients can then select – in this regard, a high-end solution can be the most suitable one, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Our professional as well as  methodical expertise stands up to the scrutiny of our clients and enabled us to win a number of concept competitions, for example one involving the ꞌVariopilotꞌ systems used in the Unimog.

Our systematic development methods have resulted in various patents across different industries and sectors as well as projects. The rights themselves are, naturally, owned by our clients. Our own patents concern, for example, a high-temperature joint bearing for high-stress environments, such as truck engines.

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Our services – individually or as a package:

  • Support with project definition
  • Conception and concept evaluation
  • Mechanical construction and design
  • Calculations and simulations
  • Development of electronics hardware, wiring diagrams and layouts
  • Embedded software development
  • Construction of prototypes
  • Functionality and long-term durability testing
  • Product optimization
  • Detailed series production planning (Technical documentation)
  • Project support services

We are active in the following industries and sectors, among others:

  • Medical technology (For detailed information visit our microsite or industries-overview)
  • Automotive engineering
  • Machine and plant construction
  • Household appliance industry
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When working with us, rest assured that our experience and way of thinking goes beyond just the order at hand. Should optimizations or adaptations to the development seem sensible, we will gladly point these out and directly advise you on possible improvements. In this regard, we have already gained experience with product optimization as part of our prior projects that primarily related to improving functionalities or reducing costs.

One of the results of our methodical approach is the development of the ꞌVariopilotꞌ system used in the Unimog. The invenio system allows for the entire driving position to be comfortably moved from left to right (and vice versa), incl. the steering wheel, pedals and dashboard in approx. one minute. Our client, Daimler, achieved more flexibility and cost efficiency making use of this development.

The world's first open tanning bed making use of the reflection principle also serves as a representative example for a prior project, where our approach as a development partner and the efficient combination of our competencies and those of the client lead to a successful outcome. Our customer developed the radiation technology while invenio made use of their expertise to integrate this technology into the overall product.

If you would like to know more about our projects, please feel free to look at our portfolio. For more details, feel free to personally contact us at +49 (6142) 899-0 or via e-mail.

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