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Your customer expects a product from you that meets all of its demands. With efficient quality and supplier management invenio helps you to ensure the highest quality, even in times of streamlined production and falling stock-keeping.

We are an accredited and certified partner of several large companies in the automobile and supplier industry. We will provide you with our experience in quality and supplier management from individual subtasks to an overall package.

Our services:

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Quality management - ensuring the quality of your parts:

  • Quality planning (e.g. FMEA analyses, APQP, PPAP, EMPB, creation of initial sample documentation, etc.)
  • Quality services (including tests)
  • Quality organisation development
  • Quality method training

 Supplier management - optimising your delivery chain:

  • Supplier identification, evaluation and development
  • Product qualification
  • Supplier audits, process analyses, problem solving and tracking
  • Preventative supplier or parts assessment
  • Goods-in and out tests, screening tests, reworking, dimension, material and functional tests

 For one renowned automobile manufacturer our experts ensure that supplied parts are tested and where necessary reworked at international locations. This guarantees that only parts of the required quality reach the assembly line.

For GM/Opel we are a certified partner within the scope of the supplier certification process "Quality Systems Basics" (QSB). Suppliers are supported in maintaining or improving their position with GM/Opel. New suppliers are prepared for certification with a modular consulting and training concept.

If you want to find out more about our projects or if you have questions about our performance, please contact us...

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