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This is a premium, not standard, service. With experienced employees, the latest production methods and powerful tools we provide top class series production parts. As a certified key supplier for renowned manufacturers in the automobile and commercial vehicle industry we have made a name for ourselves in particular in the production of complex parts and systems.

The more extreme the conditions of use of a component, the more demanding the production. Experts know that for example in the high-temperature range, the material "inconel" has considerable advantages over steel or aluminium. But they also know how difficult it is to process the material. For one of our customers we have produced demanding series production parts for powerful turbo engines from the material "inconel".

The production of a robust connection system is another expertise of invenio. As the system is operated for many years at temperatures in excess of 300° Celsius and can also be exposed to large temperature fluctuations (temperatures below zero), the engine manufacturer looked for an experienced partner that understands the whole system and can offer advice in the selection of processes and materials. The close meshing of our production with the product development was decisive for the start of a successful cooperation. The invenio experts recognised the potential weak points and developed special bearings which ideally adjusted the connection system to the requirements. Today the connection system is in series production.

If you want to find out more about our series production or if you have questions about our performance, please contact us...