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invenio develops the software in  your products. Integrated software (Embedded Software), along with mechanics and electronics are at the core of intelligent products. Our specialists support the entire development process – from the analysis through the software development up to the testing.

Our Services: 

Software Development

  • Standardized development of Embedded Software in C and C++ – from the specification up to the testing, also for safety-critical systems
  • FPGA / CPL programming
  • Development of visualization, control and protocolling implementations in C++, C# or Java with linkage to devices in the field via diverse bus systems and protocols.
  • Development of test frame works
  • Refactoring of available codes

Advice and support of standardized (software) development for every industry:

  • Methods, processes, tools – from help to self-help through to the direct cooperation in the project at the customer.
  • Process analysis and process documentation
  • Support and implementation of process assessment
  • Guidance for process enhancement
  • Support for the introduction of agile development methods, e.g. Scrum

Software Quality Control:

  • Determination of strategies, principles and targets for quality assurance
  • Planning and implementation of validation as well as verification (Statistic and Dynamic Code Analysis, Module Tests, Integration Testing, Function Tests, Regression Tests, System Tests, Last and Performance Tests, Penetration Testing, Reviews, Test Automation)
  • (Follow-up) documentation of development documents
  • Requirement analysis and management
  • Architecture and design documentation
  • Conceptualization, implementation and documentation of software and system tests

By implementing updated standards and targeted quality management, we ensure the safe and durable design of your products.

Based on our experience and competencies, we develop cross-platform, modularized architectures in order to realize flexible software, allowing the implementation in diverse models and derivatives. This ensures decisive cost advantages for our customers in contrast with previously deployed solutions.

Our projects at a glance

Industrie 4.0: invenio inSyDe – SCIKE

Industry 4.0: invenio inSyDe – SCIKE

For several years, invenio has been a member of the Software Cluster, the network for the bundling of competencies in the area of software development across Germany and Europe.

In the framework of the 'Software-Cluster-Internationalization strategy for the completion of core competencies for future issues in the company sector (SCIKE in German) invenio is part of the SCIKE Singapore Project. The focus is on the implementation and evaluation of the ꞌinSyDeꞌ sensor system in the climatic and geological conditions of South-East Asia.

ꞌinSyDeꞌ is a real-time machine monitoring system in support of a macroeconomic optimized planning and the implementation of maintenance works and preventive repair as well as the prevention of machine downtime. Based on its modular concept, it can be applied on different machines that have already been operated for a longer period, and its expansion is always possible. In the short term, the system recognizes particularities of a machine at an early stage, reducing significantly any foreseeable downtime of machines.

invenio provides the specialist knowledge required in the fields of constructive machine building, sensor technology and electronic development, software for Embedded Systems as well as the creation of digital mock-ups.

Our film provides an overview of the Software Cluster

If you want to know more about our projects or if you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us...