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invenio is a leading provider of software for the digital product development (digital mock-up). We are a technology supplier and strategic partner of renowned automobile manufacturers. Our software solutions optimise the process chain from the start until the end. We offer you the whole range of service from the construction of the first CAD models and the assembly in packages, through the digital production, virtual service to the marketing of the product.

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Our numerous software solutions help our customers to save time and money and at the same time to increase quality. Physical prototypes are already able to be reduced or even avoided. Providing a powerful scope of functions, the technology was awarded with the 'German Innovation Award 2016'.

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Examples for the scope of functions of invenio software:

  • Reduction of large data volumes
  • Proximity search
  • Collision and distance calculation
  • Automatic disassembly/assembly simulation
  • Interfaces and graphic surfaces
  • Automatic image generation


Whether the software is used as a standard product, an individual customer solution or a partner solution depends entirely on your requirements. Individual solutions are preferred in particular by large OEM. With the aid of the "VT-DMU" software, customer-specific solutions are construction and integrated into the customer's system environment (PDM, CAD). Our good-value, efficient and easy-to-use standard systems, such as connect-inVT, are intended for an easy start (plug & play). For software manufacturers from CAD, PDM, VR etc. our API (application programming interface) is the ideal supplement to their products.

We specialise in the assumption, maintenance and operation of customer software from digital product development. We will be happy to take on your software and further develop it exclusively for you or market the software according to your requests. If you are interested in this please contact us.

If you want to find out more about our software or if you have questions about our performance, please contact us...

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