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Benefit from the Advice of our Experts

Should you require additional know-how for the introduction or optimisation of methodical Systems Engineering, our experienced employees will be happy to assist you. They integrate themselves into your team for a coordinated period of time and perform various tasks and functions as a full and neutral team member, for example:

Creation of specifications

Communication with stakeholders

Risk management (detection, analysis, evaluation, monitoring, control)

Change and Configuration Management

Creation of system architectures and interfaces

Modelling and simulating system models

Support and preparation for assessments

Accompanying coaching of internal employees

Advantages for the Customer

With our invenio experts we provide you with qualified specialists in your environment as support. They will not only take on the tasks that arise, they will also be able to competently explain the methodical procedure and pass on this knowledge to the employees of your company. In this way, methodical Systems Engineering is adequately understood and implemented right from the start. This not only leads to a better understanding of the process flows and a well-founded decision making, but also to an improvement in productivity. This creates scope for more creativity and innovation for the actual project.

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