Collision check

100 Percent Geometrically Secured Virtual Prototypes

Technical know-how meets systems engineering support. We ensure a conflict-free virtual product by analysing the interfaces (contacts, overlaps or distance violations) between the components. Your design teams and management benefit from our specialist knowledge in the field of virtual geometric validation. Our focus is on the analysis of large amounts of data. Therefore, our service is always combined with system technical support, such as the invenio product Quality Monitor. Our experts analyse the calculation results and manage the resolution of the geometric conflicts together with the responsible designers. The result is a collision-free product, compliance with clearances and a daily updated overview of the current maturity level of the products.

Ideally, the Process Accompanying the Development Contains Four Relevant Components
  • PDM system: the CAD data to be evaluated is stored in a PDM system – usually by the customer.

  • Geometry inspection software (Quality-Monitor): direct access to the data (CAD and structure) and calculation of the relations between the components.

  • Results management: logical and meaningful display of the relationships with documentation following visual inspections.

  • Visualisation tool: manual review, evaluation and subsequent documentation in the results management tool.


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