Customised software in the 3D environment

Agile and Tailor-Made Modular Solutions

On the basis of our award-winning technology platform VT-DMU, we develop tailor-made and absolutely individual software solutions in a 3D environment. Depending on whether you want to add additional functions to your application, automate entire processes or require an independent application VT-DMU is the ideal basis. The software adapts to you and not you to the software.

Modular Principle

Our technology platform VT-DMU is based on the Lego principle. All modules and interfaces can be combined absolutely flexibly - Lego principle.

High-Performance Algorithms

Advantage of a wide range of functions - over 50 algorithms in the core - from collision detection and level analysis to automatic assembly and visualization.

Open Interfaces (APIs)

This ensures that the software can be flexibly integrated into the customer environment and the "graphical user interface" is not specified, but can be customized.

Agile Development

We work closely with our customers. We deliver interim results in short cycles (sprints). This creates the necessary transparency and trust.


Our Individual Software Solutions Are

  • open and fully integrable
  • very powerful intelligent algorithms / artificial intelligence
  • automatic processes
  • easy to handle
  • stable
  • favorable maintenance and operating behavior

Benefit from our special knowledge in the 3D environment. We provide you with powerful software that makes your processes more efficient. We adapt to your requirements and needs and you save costs. And the most important thing is, your users will be delighted by the operation.

Patrick EscheHead of Virtual Vehicle, Geometry Check, Body and Equipment, BMW AG

"invenio has managed to adapt a standard product to the individual BMW requirements, to migrate millions of data records during operation and to enable users to continue working seamlessly. This was done in compliance with all functional requirements and within the time limits."


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