Virtually Secured Assembly Ability

As DMU specialists, ensuring that a product can be built is naturally also one of the core competencies of our company. We define and secure the assembly methods on the virtual product for you. By means of self-generated auxiliary geometries, we facilitate validation of the movement spaces of tools and the assembly paths of components/groups. Complexity with maximum variant diversity is our speciality. We have developed methods for the documentation of assembly processes across all relevant product variants – even without building virtual prototypes. A special highlight is our solution that allows automation of assembly validation for an entire product portfolio.

This is where the characteristic strengths of our business model stand out. Without the direct integration of our software solutions, the service we offer our customers would not be possible.

  • Automatic calculation of engine bay covers

  • Dynamic envelopes as placeholders for assembly paths

  • Automatic determination of assembly sequences (with different sets of rules)

  • Creation of geometries that are not designed but are relevant for assembly (e.g. welded or glued seams)

  • Complete process for the protection of assembly tools (e.g. welding guns)

The service topics merge seamlessly into our documentation services, such as production manuals for use in sub-assembly plants. In addition to visual inspections, the result is a manual based on technical graphics that can be used internationally – without language barriers.


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