Service-Optimized Product Portfolio

As DMU specialists in 'digital service', we no longer determine the extent of dismantling on physical prototypes, but rather on 3D models.

Digital service does not just begin with series production, but also contributes to influencing the design in a service-oriented manner at an early stage of development – up to 53 months before series production.

We accompany the development process from the first geometry to the finished product and can show you the development progress in seconds with our in-house software tool 'difference-inVT'.

From this point on, we create repair concepts for you. The advantage here is obvious, because the earlier abnormalities are detected – and before the tools are triggered – the easier it is to respond to them and positively influence the development process. Of course, the respective concepts are prepared taking into account the warranty, maintenance and repair costs and/or the insurance classification.

Our range of services continues seamlessly, because we develop repair methods for you based on the created concepts , which we then document in repair instructions.


Gladly we are at your disposal for any questions!

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