Direct Digitisation Using Your Actual Data

The innovative concept can now be experienced. Our experienced consultants and software developers implement a customer-specific solution hand in hand. The centerpiece is the software that can be used with you and your data. For the first time, they experience 'live' what they have read in the concept.
Minimum risk – maximum effect – your successful digitization strategy!

Fast Results

Predictable Costs and Risks


Use the Results of the Software Prototype Efficiently

The software prototype proves whether a previously developed concept works. On the one hand, the prototype must be available quickly and inexpensively, wherever possible we use standard components from our VT-DMU technology kit. On the other hand, the software should be used directly by you - with your data.
If the prototype is available, selected users (power users or a small group of users) check whether the software meets customer requirements. They check the functions, the usability, play through the UseCase.
Since real data is used directly in your system environment, you can immediately check whether your expectations have been met. At this point you will also immediately notice whether additional functions are required or whether the process still needs to be changed. The feasibility study/the PoC is worth it!
Ultimately, you make the decision at this point whether a productive version should be implemented and rolled out or not. If so, you can make changes here that make the application or the process even better.
The benefit is transparent, the additional costs and the risk can be planned!


Gladly we are at your disposal for any questions!

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