Consistent Digitisation Requires Innovative Concepts

Coherent concepts are the foundation for successful implementation. We are passionate about developing new methods and processes in precisely the environment in which we excel – virtual product development!
We know what makes a good concept, because we combine the two worlds – engineering and IT – within our company. We use the software ourselves and speak the users' language. We are a successful software manufacturer and know what makes software future-proof.
Our specialization is your advantage!

You want to...

... Replace your legacy system.

...Optimise your process (automate).

...Introduce a new technology (innovation).

Our Consulting Results in a Detailed Concept for ...

...a New Process

Compared to the previous way of working, the new process is sustainably more efficient!

...a New Application

For example, convert an existing desktop application into a web application.

...a New Methodology

For example, redefine and automate a previously manual process.

...a Process Extension/Supplement

For example, integrate additional software modules into an existing process.


Detailed Conceptual Answers

Regardless of whether it is a new application or a new process, we look beyond the horizon and consider all aspects that make a good concept:

  • Application: Together with the users, we agree on the optimal operation/interaction with the software.
  • Process interfaces, performance and automation: The data must flow efficiently, be processed quickly and, if possible, automatically.
  • Architecture: The architecture of the application is designed in a modular manner with a view to long-term use as well as favourable maintenance and operating behaviour.
  • IT infrastructure: Of course, your IT infrastructure and framework conditions play an essential role in the design.
  • Migration: The concept also includes the transfer of an existing data set in the new process.

Your advantage: In addition to our experience, we also bring a technology construction kit with us. This technological design/architecture was awarded the German Innovation Prize in 2016. You benefit from the fact that new solutions can be implemented faster and more efficiently.


Gladly we are at your disposal for any questions!

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