All Development Areas are Taken into Account

Let the DMU specialists help you achieve the best possible overall vehicle solution. We create vehicle concepts and a coherent package concept. Our core services in the package area include preparation of feasibility studies and concept drafts as well as assistance with the model validation phases.

  • Evaluation of conceptual approaches from the specialist areas

  • Review of feasibility studies with the department and suppliers

  • Creation of specifications for the design

  • Creation of specifications for the specialist departments

  • Interface coordination

  • Installation and removal investigations

  • Evaluations and specifications for service and legal issues

  • Change management

Of course, you will also benefit from our VT-DMU technology platform in our range of services. In addition to the tools to simulate automatic installation and removal, our customers benefit from data reduction tools – and especially from our market-leading tools for the creation of dynamic envelopes. A new, outstanding example is the intelligent dynamic envelopes for precise analysis of where a collision occurs with a specific part of a moving assembly. In comparison, competitive solutions can only create an overall envelope, which significantly impairs efficient analysis.


Gladly we are at your disposal for any questions!

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