Efficient Digitization Starts with Analysis

As an absolute specialist in digital product development, we are your perfect partner for digitizing your product development. Benefit from our over 20 years of experience in process consulting! We are convinced that a change will only be successful if the analysis is done 'correctly'. Our experts systematically analyze the current status and search meticulously for potential. Always with the aim of strengthening you with automated processes in competition. 100 percent digital product development is in our DNA!

Process Analysis – Current Situation

It all starts with the systematic analysis of the current situation ... We provide transparency through structured workshops and interviews and present your processes as they are. Decades of experience in product development ensure the necessary practical relevance. Our competence in process automation helps us to identify the main weak points. And with our expertise in software development, we can assess what is feasible.

  • We Find Out:
  • How the process is structured.
  • Which people are involved.
  • What roles the participants have.
  • Which systems and interfaces are currently available.
  • What the flow of information and data looks like.
Henry Ford

"Whoever does what he already can always stays what he already is."

Process Analysis - Potential:

Based on the complete analysis of the current situation, we make suggestions for the optimization of existing processes and for new, innovative processes. The focus is on getting rid of manual, time-consuming and expensive processes. Our primary goal is to automate manual work.
You will only receive suggestions for optimization and innovation that are also assessed with regard to the expected costs for the change and what the process change brings about or brings in terms of efficiency - cost-benefit comparison - in the short and long term.
Of course, the technical feasibility was also checked when evaluating the proposal.

Michael WeidelHead of DMU Software Consulting

"Every day we optimize our customers' work processes with absolute passion by automating the processes."


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