All 3-D Development Data at a Glance

Invest in the specialists in the construction, control and support of virtual products. It's more than worthwhile. Control over your virtual product portfolio is the basis for a convincing market presence! The initial investment and effort is amortised many times over throughout the development process and during the after-sales process. We know of example scenarios in which product images need to be created based on 3D development data; a search would take several hours or even days. Here, it becomes clear that, with a clean and consistent database, the mass of information can be used in many different ways. In addition, there are countless other examples along the entire product life cycle in which a 'virtual product' can be used in many different ways.


Our services can be grouped into four main areas

  • Product structure: the result is a coherent structure for the product in accordance with certain criteria.

  • Database: the result is a 'clean' and high-quality data structure for real-time processing.

  • Positioning: your result is the correct placement of components in the overall context of a virtual prototype.

  • Status check: the result is an intermediate status of the development progress of a product, which can be called up at any time.

Of course, you will also benefit from our 'VT-DMU' technology platform in our range of services. Through our methodology specialists, we integrate the appropriate software tools to increase efficiency and further develop the respective business processes.


Gladly we are at your disposal for any questions!

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