VT-DMU Modules – the building blocks for your perfect DMU solution

Our Pride and Joy: 'VT-DMU' - the Leading DMU Modular System Based on the Lego Principle

From medium-sized companies to large product manufacturers or their suppliers – everyone whose work is based on 3D data can benefit from our unique solution! No matter whether you want to make your design more efficient or carry out automatic quality checks in a digital factory – we support your digital product development with our outstanding and absolutely innovative software kit based on the Lego principle: 'VT-DMU'.

VT-DMU Reduces Physical Prototypes

VT-DMU Increases the Quality of Your Digital Prototypes

We Do not Just Sell a Product – We Build Your Individual DMU Solution

'VT-DMU' is neither a finished nor a fixed, standard product. 'VT-DMU' is so much more: the core consists of more than 50 modules, which can either be used individually or flexibly combined with each other, and which provide the basis for the efficient processing of your 3D data! Using the Lego principle, you can combine the modules individually – with the aim of deriving the greatest benefit from the software. Sometimes, it's just a single missing Lego brick that makes a process more efficient – sometimes, just a few more bricks are needed to perfect the digital twin, for example.


Extremely powerful algorithms enable simulations in seconds


Batch technology enables 100% automated processes


Industry-independent and open for all common 3D data formats


Modular architecture enables individual processes


More than 50 algorithms with limitless possible combinations


VT-DMU Adapts to You and not the Other Way Around

You do not have to learn any new software because you simply continue to work with your usual graphical interface - of course with an expanded range of functions. This is realized through our open interfaces, the so-called API’s (Application Programming Interface).


Maintain an Overview Automatically

Errors that are recognized too late in product development can cause millions of dollars in damage. For this reason, we use our intelligent 'agents' who monitor the data flow and automatically register every change. In the event of an error, users are informed and can react quickly to problems.


Award-Winning Technology

Due to the level of innovation in market success and the high level of customer benefit, our 'VT-DMU' software was awarded the German Innovation Prize in the 'SME' category in 2016. We have worked our way up to become the market leader in the DMU area with a lot of passion and passion. With 'VT-DMU' you increase the quality of your data, create efficient visualizations, manage and evaluate results automatically and can make decisions by using intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence.


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