Quality Monitor

Best in Class for Conflict-Free
Digital Prototypes

Virtual Geometric Protection with Quality Monitor

Software for Virtual Geometric Validation in Digital Product Development – with Artificial Intelligence

With Quality-Monitor, you can find all geometric problems in your digital product safely, quickly and easily. From collisions and free-floating 3D components to distance violations: Quality-Monitor takes care of your entire virtual geometric validation process.

With over 25 years of experience in operational projects and software development, we are the world's leading specialists in the geometric validation of digital prototypes. We offer you a unique and multi-award-winning software product with integrated artificial intelligence.

Quality-Monitor Supports You in Increasing the Maturity of Your 3D Data.

With the Intelligent Software Solution You Get:

  • Powerful and resource-saving calculations
  • Dynamic management and documentation of the results
  • efficient communication
  • effortless tracking
  • Transparent reporting of collisions and distance violations in the digital prototype at all times

The integrated and unique artificial intelligence supports you in evaluating and interpreting the calculation results. Lengthy analyses are a thing of the past. If you use our AI and Quality-Monitor, virtual geometric validation becomes up to 80% more efficient.

Quality-Monitor has been used for years by SMEs and well-known OEMs in digital product development to safeguard development data.

Intelligent Algorithms

With Quality-Monitor you get a high-performance solution:

  • Fully automatic calculation of all potential conflict points
  • Intelligent job management with rule-based calculation
  • Precise neighbourhood search identifies potential problem pairings
  • Intelligent inheritance logic only presents what is new or has been changed
  • Similar relations are available at the touch of a button
  • Simple processing of big data with low hardware requirements

Artificial Intelligence

For an increase in efficiency of up to 80% compared to manual assessment:

  • AI is already in productive use and assists the user
  • Calculation of additional information for AI in the background
  • Fully automatic image generation for the preparation of potential conflict areas
  • Independent assessment of problem areas depending on the selected confidence level
  • Unique training process - the learning AI looks over the user's shoulder and thus becomes increasingly intelligent and efficient

Virtual Geometric Validation –
Industry-Independent and Accessible for all Product Developers

The Choice is Yours: Standard Product or Customised Solution

Quality-Monitor is an invenio VT standard product that can be customised and integrated. Make no compromises and get a customised solution.

Do you want to integrate the leading technology and intelligence for virtual geometric validation directly into your existing system with its own user interface? No problem. The unique modular structure of the Quality Monitor makes this possible and the individual technology modules can be flexibly combined and integrated.

Talk to us about the possibilities.

Michael Pretschuh will show you our solutions in dialogue and address your needs.

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