Test Engineering

Safeguard Your Quality Assurance with invenio's Testing Technology

Innovative technologies and procedures within the scope of test engineering ensure an objective testing of processes and product quality, which is becoming increasingly important especially in times of ever stricter requirements. The possible applications for calibrators, measuring instruments and measuring systems in different industries are accordingly diverse. Innovative measuring and testing technologies suitable for industrial use therefore play a key role. In many test routines and processes, it is useful for quality assurance processes to support people by means of automated system technology. We supply our customers with systems than can be used for testing during development or integrated into production during the manufacturing process. You define the test characteristics and conditions; we develop the corresponding methods and equipment for the fully or partially automated analysis of your products. These technologies, methods and processes are the subject of our development work, which are used in the following areas.

Vehicle Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Special Machine Construction

Assembly Technology

By means of intelligent sensor and measurement technology, including image processing methods, we deliver conclusive results. For example, during in-line testing, short cycle times – in the case of the life cycle test, high numbers of cycles – can be achieved within a short time frame. The automated evaluations in the form of individual results or statistical variables enable exact condition monitoring of your products and thus more efficient and reliable quality control..

Our solutions, the tasks we are given and the stringent demands we place on our automation technology require a high degree of specialist knowledge, practical relevance, cooperative collaboration both internally and externally, innovation and knowledge of modern production technology. Expertise that distinguishes us as your engineering partner in manufacturing.

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