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Start Your Working Life – What Opportunities Can invenio Offer You

What are your options after leaving school? At invenio there are many ways to start your working life. For example, with an internship while you are still at school, or an exciting apprenticeship. And to ensure nothing stands in your way after you leave school, we've put together someuseful tips for a successful application, to help you make a good start to your future career.

Industrial Mechanic

As a technophile industrial mechanic, you will manufacture equipment parts for various machines, maintain them and, if necessary, convert the equipment. This also includes the monitoring and optimisation of the production processes.

Office Management Assistant

Are you immune to stress, an ace on the phone, and do you like helping others with advice and support? As an office management assistant, you will get to know the different administrative areas at invenio and organise the daily office routine.

Marketing Communication Assistant

Creative minds wanted! As a management assistant in marketing communications, you will develop imaginative marketing and advertising measures and coordinate their implementation.

Cutting Machine Operator

Do you have a passion for technology and precise work? As a cutting machine operator you will control machines and mill, drill or grind metal components, as well as assisting in the construction of plants or products that are delivered to our customers.


On Girls' Day at invenio you can take on the role of a product developer yourself. We'll show you how the ideas developed on paper are implemented in a CAD program (computer-aided design). Afterwards you can experiment and try things out for yourself in our E/E (electrics/electronics) laboratory(electrics/electronics). We promise you won't want to stop, it's so much fun! In addition, you will get to know our great colleagues, to whom you can of course ask questions.


In Nauheim and Rüsselsheim am Main.


All pupils in Year 5 and above.

How Many?

10 places per location.

After you have applied, we will send you detailed information so that you are perfectly prepared. We look forward to meeting you and to a day full of discoveries, fun and a brief journey into the world of professional life!

Mechanics, Electrics and Computer Science
"After school, I did not know which job I wanted to have in the future. But it was clear to me that it had to be a practical one. At invenio I learn the basics of mechanics, electrics and computer science, which allow me to understand the functions of entire test and manufacturing systems and how to maintain them."
Boring? Not with us!
"What should never be missing on a workday? Interesting tasks and problems that need to be solved. This makes not only every workday exciting, you also always learn something new. What I enjoy very much in my training is the rotation and manufacturing of structural elements and the assembly of the components."
Secret hint: Personal application
"You should hand out your application in person, for example, at a job fair or following an appointment at the company. This way, you can make direct contact and get a better picture of the company."

David H.

Getting started with invenio
"First, I did a voluntary internship at invenio and then completed my training as an industrial mechanic. After passing my final examination, I was finally hired and now work full-time in prototype construction. My start was very open-minded and I immediately had the feeling that I was looking forward to growth. The colleagues are always very courteous - that's how I felt as part of the team."
Recognize problems, find solutions!
"As an industrial mechanic specializing in precision engineering, I work in the mechanical engineering workshop. There I produce various prototypes using machine tools. I have the most fun when I have to find solutions for problems myself. This keeps my work very varied and exciting."
Tips for success?
"Always be interested in your job, in what you do - no matter whether it's your tasks, new situations or your colleagues. But it's also important to stay true to yourself and not lose sight of your focus."

Sven F.

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Gladly we are at your disposal for any questions! 

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