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The Intuitive DMU Software for your Digital Product Development

Are you a medium-sized company, engineering office or supplier looking for software to get started with Digital Mock-Up (DMU)? With our standard product Connect, you can take the step into digital product development easily and cost-effectively. Automate and digitalise your development processes.

If you use Connect, you can avoid many time-consuming manual process steps and thus optimise the development process. Our solution for digital product development saves time and resources in the development process while increasing the quality of the virtual product or component scope.

The DMU Connect software offers an intuitive user interface with a drag-and-drop function and also runs on your hardware without any major installation effort. Use the innovative and efficient DMU workflows, for example to reduce the size of your 3D data or create images from it at the touch of a button, calculate geometric differences in components and much more.

Connect offers everything you need to analyse, manipulate and visualise geometry data in digital product development.

Connect is the Multifunctional Tool for Your Digital Product Development.

Wide Range of Functions

Many standard workflows are available to you and all common 3D file formats are supported.

Minimal Installation Effort

Connect offers a quick start through plug and play and the software works on standard hardware.

Intuitive User Interface

Connect impresses with its workflow-based and simple operation via drag and drop as well as help with tool tips.

Automatic Calculations

The powerful batch technology runs in the background.

Low Investment Costs

We offer you an attractive price model for individual workflows per workstation and year.

Get Started Right Away and Select One or More Connect Workflows.

Benefit from the Numerous Connect Workflows in Your Digital Product Development

With the DMU software, your entry into digital product development is simple, affordable and agile. With the DMU workflows from Connect, you can reduce manual effort and organise all phases of product development digitally and efficiently.

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