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This Is Our Vision – and This Is How We Support You in a Practical and Targeted Manner

  • Do you want the best technology for digital mock-ups (DMU)? We have it - and are continuously developing it further.
  • Do you want to be more efficient than the competition? We support you quickly and reliably in digitally securing your products, if required also with the support of our Artificial intelligence.
  • Do you want to control your huge amounts of data? We provide transparency with our solutions und support you in making your 3D data clear again.
  • Do you want to take your first steps with DMU? We support you with established standard solutions that can be expanded and customised to your needs on request.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your requirements? With us, you get the whole package: we speak the language of the users, understand the processes and master the IT.

invenio Virtual Technologies is the leading provider of digital product development and DMU. With more than 25 years of experience, a team of experts and the modular VT-DMU software toolkit, we realise individual and intelligent products and solutions for different use cases. Our technology automates DMU, geometry and 3D processes: It is used in virtual product validation of development processes, assembly simulation and virtual production planning through to digital service – and can do much more.

Our Best-in-Class Software calculates, analyses and simulates geometry data. The solutions work across all industries and can be used for components, component groups or the virtual validation of complete product families through to virtual worlds. With our standard tools, we take over complete processes, create transparency in huge amounts of data and efficiently safeguard 3D prototypes throughout the entire product development process. This is supported by our own artificial intelligence, which ensures additional efficiency gains of up to 80 per cent.

The most important advantages of VT-DMU include:

  • Significantly shorter development times and lower costs
  • Replacement of expensive and time-consuming hardware prototypes
  • Early identification of errors or problems
  • Complete transparency in huge amounts of data
  • Relief for users in day-to-day business
We Get the Maximum out of Your 3D Data – Agile, Goal-Orientated and in Partnership
VT-DMU Würfelweisser VT Würfel


Our modular software toolkit VT-DMU was developed in close collaboration with customers. With over 50 powerful algorithms, you can implement an almost infinite number of individual use cases that calculate, analyse or simulate 3D data.

  • VT-DMU is the basis for the efficient development of your own products and process optimisation.
  • VT-DMU modules can be put together like Lego to create unique solutions for individual use cases.
  • VT-DMU can fully automate your processes.
  • VT-DMU integrates seamlessly into your existing applications via APIs.
  • Our standard products range from entry-level DMU to complete solutions for virtual geometric validation.
  • Our AI provides the decisive efficiency boost in digital development.


As a specialist in digital product development, we are your perfect partner for digitising, automating and optimising your DMU processes. Benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in process consulting and services.

  • Our process analyses provide you with a targeted statement on how your processes can become more efficient.
  • Our concept and method proposals are developed by consultants and software experts for users.
  • Our feasibility studies are tailored to users, process experts and IT.
  • We introduce you to the new solution or software product with a proof of concept (PoC).
  • We take over your digital product validation as a service with our experienced team of experts.
Currently in Focus

Conflict-Free Digital Twins in NVIDIA Omniverse

VT-DMU and AI algorithms identify and visualise all static and dynamic conflicts directly in NVIDIA's Omniverse. Millions of 3D data are calculated with high performance, every change is registered and the results are made available in Omniverse.

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