Material Editor

New Look for
Digital Prototypes

Skilful visualisation with material editor

A New Look for Your 3D Data

Would you like to showcase your design for presentation purposes and impress with design coordination? Or do you work in marketing and want to start marketing your product even if it is not yet physically available? Then we have the right solution for you.

All you need is your 3D data and our material editor  your ideal tool for creating and editing materials such as metals, plastics, paints, glass, etc.

Easy to use without expert knowledge

Unique selling point through self-created materials

Einblick in den Material Editor

Automatic process for photorealistic images

Save costs with a digital photo shoot

Unique Selling Point Materials

You benefit from the extensive library of almost 100 materials already included in the material editor. You can also easily create your own materials - without expert knowledge or external support.

From Material to Photorealistic Image

By defining the materials, you create the basis for photorealistic rendering (in conjunction with our "image generation" workflow from our standard product Connect). At the touch of a button, the automatic process starts, which depicts the products from any perspective with predefined lighting settings. You determine the quantity of images without compromising on quality.

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