Testing of products


Virtual Environment as a 'Dress Rehearsal' for Your Product

Within the scope of product development and the digital transformation, we offer car manufacturers, companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector, but also many other industries, solutions that include the development, optimisation and automation of mechatronic systems using innovative simulation technologies. The basis for this is a true-to-life digital image of the overall technical system under consideration, which is created by means of model-based methods for the analysis, design, optimisation and simulation of the underlying mechatronic subsystems. Examples here are the design and implementation of digital controls and algorithms for real-time applications to increase the performance or the clock frequency of machines and plants.

Testing in a Virtual Environment

Your requirements in terms of functionality, performance, ease of use and material usage of your device or machine are implemented by us on the virtual, digital system. Complex systems often require the use of optimisation methods for an effective system design. Therefore, we complete the virtual validation process on the digital system model of the test object or in its virtual environment, as well as systematic testing of the performance and functional requirements in accordance with the specification. Through MIL, SIL, HIL-based, automated functional tests and a large number of test cases, we can detect and eliminate many functional errors at an early stage of product development.

Testing of Medical Devices

Reliability and quality are a particular obligation for companies in the medical technology sector. Our testing team consciously lives up to this responsibility through complete process documentation and reflected risk management. The final testing of medical devices takes place within the scope of our DIN EN ISO 13485 certified quality management system. However, not all of these tests are mandated and defined by the respective standards. Therefore, another focus of our laboratory activities is the development of new, product-specific test methods including the required equipment.

Our Spectrum Includes

  • Evaluation

  • Documentation

  • Equipment Qualification

  • Method development and method validation

  • Test Procedure

  • Root cause analysis in case of deviations as well as feedback of the findings in the development

  • Design of experiments

  • Preconditioning

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