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We are looking for students and graduates in the following fields:

Electronics, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, production engineering, construction, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, medical technology, communications engineering, physical engineering/technical physics, sensor technology, technical computer science, mathematics (with a focus on software engineering) and industrial engineering.


Discover the Possibilities of Experiencing Real-World Practice at First Hand


You know the theory, but do not yet feel sufficiently prepared for real-world practice? Then apply for an internship at invenio. Internships can be completed in almost all areas and should last at least three months. Take a look at our currently advertised internships.

Working students

We offer committed students who have successfully completed an internship the opportunity to actively participate in our team as a working student during the semester – or in the time between terms and thus to gain further practical experience. After successfully completing of your studies, we want to help you start your career at invenio.


We can offer you the opportunity of direct entry into all departments after graduation. You should have a degree and some initial experience in the industry. Depending on the position, you will expand your experience, e.g. with CAx programs or in hardware or software development for embedded systems.


Choosing a career is an important decision – and difficult without practical experience. Within the framework of our trainee programme, you will have the opportunity to get to know various fields of activity and invenio as a company. You will rotate through different projects and departments and receive comprehensive professional development.

Juliane W.

My way to invenio
"After a friend told me about his exciting tasks at invenio, I decided to complete my mandatory internship here to accompany my mechanical engineering studies. I'm glad that I decided to work directly for six months, which gives me a better insight into the different phases of the projects".
Creativity and teamwork make fun
"I find the concept phase of product development particularly exciting. It is interesting to work with the team to find the perfect solution for a product and let your creativity run wild. My tasks range from conception, design, research, presentation to prototype construction – it is just fun and I can learn a lot, also because everyone is willing to pass on some of their experience to me as an intern.
Responsibility right from the start
"The entry into my areas of responsibility was easy and pleasant thanks to the pleasant working atmosphere and a mentor who was there to help and advise me. I was able to take on responsibility very quickly, even as an intern you feel like an important member of the team".

Juliane W.

Alexander A.

Practical experience: Searched and found
"I have applied in a very traditional way for an available internship in the test engineering and automation field. My mechanical engineering studies required an obligatory six months' internship. Afterwards, I was offered to work for invenio as a working student twice a week".
Creativity is demanded
"Along with the design and manufacturing of smaller parts, I also create presentations and concepts. Thus, I have the typical tasksof a design engineer. I enjoy being creative and thinking of innovative things. I would really like to write my master’s thesis at invenio."
Secret hint: Being well prepared is half the job
"Even it is just an internship or a secondary job, you should really prepare well for the application interview. Along with the usual questions about myself and the company, I also had to take a recruitment test. But with a little preparation, the interview will not pose any problem."

Alexander A.

Perry M.

Internship as a door opener
"My story at invenio started with a voluntary five days' internship. I liked it so much that I took up vocational training to become a technical product designer after my secondary school. I have also obtained an entrance qualification for the university by means of evening courses."
Superb duality
"After working for two years at invenio after my vocational training, I was offered a dual study course. I have studied mechanical engineering specialized in production engineering."
The stress has paid off
"Of course, you should not underestimate all the time that is required after all you have least a 40-hour-week and no semester breaks. But all the stress has paid off: I now work as a project manager and design engineer."

Perry M.
Senior Engineer

Stephan M.

Thesis with practical orientation
"I started at invenio as an intern. Later on, I worked as a working student and also wrote my bachelor thesis here. After completing my studies, I got a job as a developer."
From prototype to series
"My tasks include the design and development of prototypes until it is a production-ready product. I particularly enjoy the continuous new challenges, changing activities and teamwork."
Secret hint: Practical experience is the alpha and omega
"It is important to gain practical experience already in the beginning of your studies – for example, as a working student. Since what is most important for a successful career, is to set goals and to have a clear vision."

Stephan M.

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