Successful Product Development with invenio as Siemens Sales Partner for Polarion®ALM™

In order to meet the requirements of consumers as well as the advancing digital-based way-of-life, the complexity of new product developments is increasing. This increases the proportion of interdisciplinary influences and thus also the risk of potential errors. With demand-oriented systems engineering and the application of the associated methodologies, together with the use of tools that promote development, such as  Polarion®ALM™, nothing stands in the way of successful product development.

What Is Polarion®ALM™ ?

Polarion®ALM™ is a requirements management tool that simplifies the visualisation of managing requirements for product development projects. The 100% browser-based application lifecycle management solution is used to define, test and manage complex systems. As one of the leading support tools for successful product development, the tool gives you permanent insight into the current development progress – whether in small teams or with several thousand users. Thanks to Polarion®ALM™, collaboration can be managed both classically with waterfall or V-models and agilely: The tool can be used flexibly and individually to provide you with targeted support for your processes and impresses with its traceability.

The Siemens tool depends on you, not the other way round.

To ensure an efficient way of working with precisely fitting processes, invenio has adapted the existing out-of-the-box solutions within Polarion®ALM™ and extended them for you with customised templates. In our training offer, we support you in understanding the tool and learning the basics of the application. In addition, we have already created widgets that can be integrated into Polarion®ALM™ for data visualisation. invenio also provides a Java library that allows you to access the configuration parameters of projects in Polarion®ALM™ using a simple API when developing your own Polarion servlets.

Three Central Advantages at a Glance


Always get a complete overview of all artefacts during the entire development process of your products. Detailed live reports enable you to achieve a high level of transparency within a very short time – an information gain in real time.


Work on a common knowledge base: You can control collaboration in detail via workflows and rights structures, even with external stakeholders. The browser-based approach guarantees easy access without additional installations.


It is not uncommon for 60 to 80 per cent of the requirements in different projects to be identical. A simple and transparent reusability function allows you to copy proven specification elements – the result: quality assurance and time savings.

We Are Smart Expert Partner

As an official and 'Smart Expert' certified sales partner of Siemens for the Polarion®ALM™ platform, invenio offers everything from a single source  as-is analyses, individual adaptations, licences, training and support. With our expertise in systems and requirements engineering, we support you in combining method, process and  Tool competence.

Our services:

  • Distribution of  Polarion®ALM™ licences  we evaluate your needs and advise you on licence types and their scopes

  • Polarion®ALM™ Customisation  we adapt Polarion®ALM™ to your individual needs and specific environment

  • Exclusive Polarion®ALM™ plug-ins  you benefit from our proprietary developments that can be integrated into your development process.

  • Polarion®ALM™ training by invenio Academy  we ensure the role-specific know-how transfer to Polarion®ALM™ 

  • Polarion®ALM™ method training  we sharpen already existing Polarion®ALM™ know-how for a smooth method application


[…] the first ALM solution to be developed according to ISO 26262/IEC 61508-standards for functional safety is certified by TÜV NORD. With this certification, Polarion is ideally suited for legally regulated product development that meets international standards." Quelle: Siemens PLM Polarion Die Leistungsfähigkeit der Polarion-Software

FAQ Polarion® ALM™

Application Lifecycle Management, or ALM for short, comprises the methods, tools and processes that manage the lifecycle of an application from development to completion. ALM consists of various disciplines that were often separated from each other within the framework of development processes used in the past – such as the waterfall method. For example, there was project management, requirements management, software development, testing, quality assurance, deployment and maintenance. With ALM, the integration of all disciplines supports agile and DevOps development approaches, which makes team collaboration more efficient. The introduction of ALM also enables continuous delivery of software and updates with frequent releases. In addition, ALM provides a framework for software development and simplifies continuous management of the software: maintenance work, future updates as well as the replacement of the application are already taken into account during development. By combining these factors, ALM ensures accelerated deployment, improved workflow transparency, higher quality products and increased developer satisfaction.

For us, ALM is more than the mere linking of disciplines: For you to be successful with your project, it is necessary to align all requirements as well as technical functionality right from the start. A well-organised ALM prevents requirements from not being taken into account during further development, which leads to high costs and takes up more time. The agility gained through ALM leads to efficient and successful projects – we support you in applying it.

The more complex the requirements management is, the more likely it is that Word or Excel will reach their limits when it comes to editing. In this case, Polarion®ALM™ offers transparent and traceable requirements management. The use of Polarion®ALM™ is particularly useful for products in a regulated environment, where there are strict obligations to provide evidence of standards or certificates.

The tool specialises in traceability and makes the connection between the requirements and the associated tests visible, thus promoting a common knowledge base in the collaboration. Another advantage of Polarion®ALM™ is its reusability: it is not uncommon for 60 to 80 percent of the requirements in different projects to be identical. An intuitive function allows proven specification elements to be copied.

invenio supports its customers in deciding whether a tool like Polarion®ALM™ makes sense for the project in question.

Polarion®ALM™ offers the following licence models

  • Purchase licences on your own server

  • Purchase licences on own server Rental licences on own server

  • SaaS (Software as a service) licences on the Siemens Cloud

The experts at invenio will be happy to advise you on the right Polarion®ALM™ licence for you.

Polarion®ALM™ can be installed in a Windows or Linux environment. For the pure installation – without submodules – a duration of between 30 and 60 minutes is provided and 8 GB RAM is recommended and a storage capacity of and 40 GB is required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the installation.

For an even more efficient way of working, Polarion®ALM™ offers the following interfaces in requirements management:

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Jenkins connector*1

  • Development Lifecycle

  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Server or Microsoft Azure DevOps*2

  • Atlassian JIRA*2

  • External Repositories

  • GitLab

  • Atlassian BitBucket

  • Microsoft GitHub

  • SVN

  • Low Code Development

  • Mendix*3

  • Widgets and templates from Polarion-UI are supported

  • Extensions that need to be uploaded to the server (plugins, jobs) are not supported

You need a different link? invenio supports you in the development of individual interfaces, specifically for your needs.

Benefit from tool-based support for your product development! Learn more about Polarion®ALM™ and contact us directly.

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