Vehicle Testing

Vehicle Testing

Proven Vehicle Testing System from invenio

As an operator of a test track for trucks or cars, do you need an automated system to operate the track?

Your requirements include:

Recording of distances travelled and invoicing

Collision avoidance and driver warning

Visualisation of the current situation on the test site

Planning of resources and test drives on the track

Text and audio messages to the drivers, including navigation instructions

Are you looking for a system that covers all your requirements? With the modular vehicle testing system iMOFES (invenio Modular Vehicle Testing System) by invenio we can offer you a versatile solution tailored to your particular needs.

Successful Project Examples

iMOFES was developed in cooperation with Daimler AG for truck testing on bad road surfaces at the Wörth site, and has since been the main focus of operations at the test site. The comprehensive coverage of processes by iMOFES increased efficiency and reduced the error rate. The precise position determination including metadata gives the test engineers a transparent view of the driving situation in relation to the test results.

The quality and reliability of the system ensures high overall availability. Additional services such as HW/SW maintenance keep the system in line with the state of the art and thus guarantee that it remains future-proof.

This success story entered a new chapter with the introduction of iMOFES at the test site in São Paulo (Brazil).

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