Get to Know invenio in Advance in the Coffee Call

Would you like to work in a company that really suits you? Then simply meet your new colleagues online for a coffee in advance. Without any application stress in a coffee call!

The online meeting takes place with an invenio colleague from your area of specialisation. During the conversation, you can find out first-hand what it's like to work at invenio and whether you and invenio are a good match. Gain insights into the culture at the relevant location or find out what projects and tasks await you.

Relaxed Coffee Call

Find out who makes up invenio.


We meet with a delicious drink via MS Teams.


Get to know the invenio culture at first hand.

Entry for your application

We have convinced you? Then we need your CV.

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Simply book your Coffee Call using our form.

By getting to know each other without obligation, you can exchange information directly with colleagues and thus also gain an authentic impression. It also makes it easier to get started in the application process. If you are interested in invenio beyond the interview, we will be happy to look for possible tasks for you!

But how exactly do you arrange a coffee call? You can register via our online form. To do this, we need some information from you (location, department). We will then confirm the appointment and email you the digital invitation to the interview.

At the moment, we are mainly looking for experienced colleagues whose careers we can advance.

Take your chance for a job that really suits you!


    From which departmend and from which location should your contact person in the Coffee Call come?

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    Contact: How Else You Can Reach Us

    Our central Human Relations Management Team is at your disposal by phone and e-mail.

    invenio GmbH Engineering Services
    Human Relations Management
    Lena Schütte
    Eisenstraße 9
    65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

    P +49 (6142) 899-228
    M +49 (176) 11899214

    Your Local Point of Contact

    Of course, you can also contact a local colleague directly.

    Jennifer Blüml

    invenio GmbH Engineering Services
    Neutraublingerstraße 21
    93092 Barbing

    P +49 (9401) 95381-30
    Contact me

    Ulf Böhrnsen

    Böblingen und Munich
    invenio Virtual Technologies GmbH
    Robert-Bürkle-Straße 3 85737 Ismaning

    P +49 (89) 318276-200
    M +49 (176) 11899241
    Contact me

    Thomas Taranenko

    Rüsselsheim am Main
    invenio GmbH Engineering Services
    Automotive Engineering
    Eisenstraße 9 65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

    P +49 (6142) 899-238
    M +49 (176) 11899238
    Contact me

    Stephan Drozniak

    invenio Healthcare Solutions GmbH
    Flughafenstraße 54 22335 Hamburg

    P +49 (40) 180657-160 
    M +49 (178) 4571675
    Contact me

    Inga Watling

    Nauheim und
    Rüsselsheim am Main

    invenio GmbH Engineering Services Produkt- und Systementwicklung Eisenstraße 9 65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

    P +49 (6142) 899-279

    Contact me

    Lena Schütte

    Rüsselsheim am Main
    invenio GmbH Engineering Services
    Human Resources Management
    Eisenstraße 9
    65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

    P +49 (6142) 899-228
    M +49 (176) 11899214
    Contact me

    Johannes Kernbichl

    invenio Automation Solutions GmbH
    Tiefental 13
    93468 Miltach

      P +49 (6142) 899-228
    M +49 (176) 11899214
    Contact me

    Sabine Hahn

    invenio Engineers Karlsruhe GmbH Unterweingartenfeld 6 76135 Karlsruhe P +49 (721) 626958-412 Contact me

    Oliver Schober

    Böblingen und Ludwigsburg
    invenio GmbH Engineering Services
    Wöhlerstraße 21 71636 Ludwigsburg

    Ingo Paech

    invenio Systems Engineering GmbH
    Hermann-Hollerith-Str. 1
    68163 Mannheim

    P +49 (621) 490887-0
    Contact me

    Karen Karaali

    invenio GmbH Engineering Services Robert-Bürkle-Straße 3 85737 Ismaning P +49 (176) 11899291 Contact me

    Claudia Gey


    invenio Technical Simulations GmbH Halskestraße 3-5 47877 Willich

    P +49 (2154) 8874-0

    Contact me