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An orchestra without conductor usually causes chaos among the individual instruments – the tuba starts playing too loudly, the violin is too quiet, while the clarinet is too late. Only the regulating hands of the conductor turn the music of soloists into a harmonic symphony. He combines the efforts of every single musician to a single goal – he knows precisely when every one of them must start playing and knows the individual challenges associated with every instrument. Product and systems development is not much different from this. Make use of systems engineering techniques as the conductor for your developments. The systems engineering considers all processes and routines of development with a holistic view. In the process, he coordinates the cooperation between individual specialist departments while keeping the customer wishes and requirements to be fulfilled in mind. This requires not only a substantial degree of engineering know-how in the fields of system design and project management, but also interpersonal negotiating skills. The basic principle of systems engineering – a systems-thinking approach.

A systematic road to success:

Our iSE experts combine the individual system elements together in a manner suitable for your challenges and support you with your product or system implementation in an advisory as well as active manner. All the while having a close lock on both your financial as well as personnel resources. Get more information on our 'Systems Engineering' Microsite:

Get more information on our 'Systems Engineering' Microsite:

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Our fields of competence:

Systems Engineering helps to systemize socio-technical constructs in order to attain a joint system understanding and thereby create the best possible solution. This approach is based on the multi-disciplinary as well as inter-disciplinary nature of systems design, for example due to development teams from different specialist areas. We provide your project manager with usable planning basics in close cooperation with your project management. Also, we would gladly like to explain your individual benefits and advantages of this approach regarding cost planning and scheduling as well as producibility that can be achieved by targeted systems engineering methods in a personal conversation.