Create Your Own Software Solution

Our technology platform 'VT-DMU' truly makes the heart of software developers, IT and method-based experts beat faster. With over 50 unique and powerful algorithms, you can independently create and use a virtually unlimited number of processes and applications to validate your 3D data.

Our 'VT-DMU' API's are targeted first and foremost at companies that are proficient in developing their own, in-house software and methodologies. Our 'VT-DMU' API target group also includes software manufacturers from the engineering environment who want to make their product more attractive or market it together with new features.

Competitive Advantage

'VT-DMU' is the basis for the development of your own products and processes


'VT-DMU' integrates seamlessly into your existing applications (PDM or CAD systems)

Automatic processes

'VT-DMU' modules can be fully automated as so-called 'batch processes'

User Acceptance

You decide how the GUI should look like


Why Choose 'VT-DMU' API?

This question can be answered very easily: The tedious and expensive development of your own algorithms is no longer necessary – with the 'VT-DMU' API you benefit from our more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the world of 3D data processing!


Our Interface Product: Your Yey to Standing Out from the Competition

Our modular 'VT-DMU' architecture is unique and offers you unimagined possibilities within the scope of digital product development: Flexible, target group-oriented interfaces – our API's – provide access to all our functions. Over 50 algorithms – which can be used individually or in combination – are already available for you today!

Special highlight: we adapt to the customer's needs, it's never the other way around! This means that 'VT-DMU' 'talks' to your application and adapts to your infrastructure. This is ensured by means of different programming languages: C++, Python, Java, Web API.

Would you like to improve and expand your 3D skills?

Do you want to stand out from the competition?

Do you want to make your existing software product more efficient?

We are happy to help you with our entire range of DMU technology!

In addition to our 'VT-DMU' API's, you also receive our technology support and an assurance that we will keep our software up to date and continuously develop it. You make your product fit for the digital future and we support you with our long-standing and award-winning technology expertise!


Gladly we are at your disposal for any questions!


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